• Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver: Higher Ground

    Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver: Higher Ground

    Drummer Dave Weckl and keyboardist Jay Oliver present "Higher Ground" from their 2014 release "Convergence." The album, including play along versions with charts and videos, is exclusively available at: http://www.daveweckl.com


    Words and Music by Stevie Wonder
    Arranged by Jay Oliver

    Lead Vocal
    Chrissi Poland

    Dave Weckl
    Chris Coleman

    Rhythm Section
    Jay Oliver keyboards & programming
    Dean Brown guitar
    Jimmy Johnson bass

    Horn Section
    Brandon Fields Sax
    Eric Jorgensen Trombone
    Michael McGuffey Trumpet

    Backing Vocals
    Nita Whittaker
    Raffia Ford
    Abdul Hamid Royal

    Tracking Engineer 
    Dennis Moody

    Mixing Engineers
    Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver

    Mastering Engineer
    George Whitty

    Assistant Engineers
    Max Harper
    Morgan Stratton

    Technical Assistance
    Matt Forsyth
    Casey Kuzdrowski
    Steven Orkin

    Video Director/Editor
    Alex Chaloff

    Alex Chaloff
    Annika Benitz
    Tali Litmanovitz
    Casey Kuzdrowski
    Steven Orkin
    Anton Johnson

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